The College Council

The College Council consists of the Principal and Heads of the Department of each subject of study, two persons elected from the staff members, IQAC Coordinator, librarian of the General library and the Ministerial Head of Administrative Staff the College.

The members of the College Council are

Dr. Sobha K D – Principal (Ex-officio President)

Dr. Suseela K C (Vice -Princpal)

Dr. Saritha Maheswaran (Head of the Department, Sahitya)

Dr. Ranjini M (Head of the Department, Vedanta)

Gigy V (Head of the Department, Nyaya)

Dr. Girija T V (Head of the Department, Vyakarana)

Dr. E.N Eswaran (Head of the Department, Jyotisha) 

Dr. Geetha T K (Nominated Member)

Dr. Shameeja P (Nominated Member)

Dr. Ajikumar P.V (IQAC Coordinator)

Smt.  Smitha V Menon (Senior Superintendent)

Smt.  Sindhu. M.D (Librarian)