Statement Quality

Government Sanskrit College, Tripunithura, is a unique institution under the Government of Kerala for the preservation and propagation of the Sanskrit language. It provides Sanskrit studies by preserving the best practice of tradition combined with modern innovative methods. Our vision is to Evolve and Energize Sanskrit with a view to creating a refined, scholarly and edified student community. For achieving this vision we are enabling our student community to appreciate the value of Sanskrit language and Indology. Here we are ensuring that core areas of the subjects are updated through research. We are equipping the students with competency in their subjects. Through continuous outreach programs we are trying to popularize the institution among the public.

A number of books which are much valued in the field are published from this institution which has a publication wing of its own. The International Center of Kudiyattom laid its seed from this institution. Now we have ICT facilities for each department and we are using these modern methods in teaching. We are leading the light lit by Rajarshi Ramavarma forward which will of course make the language and its rich heritage reach the public.